The JM Dalgliesh Interview

I got to sit down with Jason Dalgliesh, bestselling author of the Dark Yorkshire, Hidden Norfolk, and now the Misty Isle series to get his take on writing, publishing, and life.

It was so lovely speaking to Jason, and hugely educational as well as inspirational. Here are some key takeaways for me:

  • Writing can be hard, whether it’s the dream job or not

    • Writing comes with its own set of challenges, and it’s not always the easiest career to pursue, especially if you’re working to tight deadlines. Jason and I both shared this experience, where our ‘dream job’ was made less than ideal because we put too much on our plates.

  • Imposter syndrome lessens, but never goes away

    • Will this be the book where readers figure out I’m a fraud? This is a sentiment that we both shared and I think many authors do, and always will. When we’re in our little bubbles writing, it’s always hard to know how readers will receive something. And that’s really scary!

  • Self-publishing has a big risk-reward element

    • You take on so much more work as a self-published author, wearing lots of different hats: writer, editor, proofer, cover designer, marketer, social media marketer, data analyst, bookkeeper, project manager … it’s a lot to shoulder, and the pressure gets to everyone, even someone as successful as Jason!

  • Success is an ever-moving set of goalposts, and it always feels risky to ‘stop’

    • It would be lovely to say, ‘Okay, I’ve achieved enough’ but there’s always a sense that as soon as you stop working, stop writing, it could, and will, all come crashing down. This fear keeps us going, but it never lets us pause for breath. The ultimate double-edged sword for authors.

  • Jason likes snow leopards

    • Jason’s dream writing companion is the elusive and majestic snow leopard! I don’t know about you, but I could picture him in spots …

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