The Simon Dickerson Interview

I sat down with the author of Light and Dust, Simon Dickerson, to discuss his debut novel, as well as his creative writing Masters degree.

We covered lots of ground here, and hopefully, you enjoyed what you saw. Here were some of my takeaways from this interview:

  • Practice makes perfect

    • You’re never going to achieve ‘perfect’. Writing is never finished, and it never will be. All you can do is trust in the process, trust in yourself, and keep on writing. It’s a skill to develop like anything else.

  • Feedback is key

    • All feedback is good, but good feedback is rare. While taking on board positive reviews and adulation is always nice, critical feedback is what’s most useful. You should try to find people who you trust to give you honest answers about your work so you can continue to develop.

  • Perspective is important

    • In both a narrative sense and an editorial sense, perspective is so important. Taking some time or space from your work and coming back with fresh eyes is always a good call. But failing that, listen to feedback and try to view your writing through the eyes of a reader.

  • Find your voice

    • It’s never a question of what the story is, but always how you tell it. Your voice is imperative and can make or break a story. Write it in the way only you can, because that’s what voice is all about: your version of your story.

  • Brevity

    • The swift conveyance of useful information. Aim for brevity, and to do more with less. Tl;dr: context + subtext.

There was so much we covered, and so much we didn’t. I really hope to sit down with Simon again at some point, but for now, let me know below what you took away from this and whether you’re considering an Ms in creative writing!

Morgan Greene